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Maintenance of Shelves

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maintenance of shelves
1. Try not to use coarse cloth to wipe the shelf, otherwise the paint on the shelf surface will be damaged and yellow.
It is best to use a towel, cotton cloth, or flannelette to absorb the good absorbent cloth to test, the cloth strip is soft without scratches, gently wipe the surface dust back and forth.
2.Do not use a dry cloth to wipe
Dust is a combination of fibers, dust, and sand. Wiping the surface of the shelf with a dry cloth will cause some scratches on the display surface, which will affect the appearance of the shelf and lose its gloss.
3. Some cosmetics showcases and food showcases used in supermarkets should not be wiped with detergent, detergent, etc. Dishwashing liquid and soapy water can not remove the dust on the surface of the display cabinet. It will damage the metal parts because the dishwashing liquid contains a certain corrosiveness. At the same time, if the water penetrates into the wood, it will also cause the wood to mold or locally deform. , Shorten the service life. There are many display cabinets made of fiberboard presses. If there is moisture infiltrating, the formaldehyde and other additives have not completely volatilized in the first two years, which is unlikely to cause mold. However, once the additives evaporate, the moisture of the wet cloth will cause the display cabinet to mold. If the residents on the lower floors, the display cabinet at home may "mold" once every year.
Even if some display cabinet surfaces are coated with piano paint, they can still be wiped with water, but do not place wet cloth on the surface of the shelf for a long time. After a long time, moisture will penetrate and affect the use.
4, display cabinet care wax spray can not be used to clean and maintain leather sofas.