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The Quality and Appearance of wire mesh container

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Quality and Apperance

The difference in the appearance of the folding wire mesh container is mainly due to the production standards and the different equipment and raw materials used in the production of the storage cage.


The standard model wire container has a wire diameter of 6.0 mm. Obviously, if the test is 5.9mm, the difference in wire diameter is very large, which will affect the performance of the product. With this raw material production, it is possible that the production standards are too low, or there are no means and standards for inspecting and controlling the production of raw materials. What's more, people deliberately use the materials with big error to achieve the purpose of cutting corners. Qingdao Oline Storage Co., Ltd. has strict tolerance standards in the production of products, and will never use the materials that are shoddy and shoddy to deceive users.


It should be noted that if the difference in the appearance of the storage cage does not affect the use, it is not an important matter. However, if this difference causes a major defect in the product, it will cause potential harm to normal use and cause significant damage to people and property. , So must take measures to minimize the risk of such defects. The biggest potential problems with storage cages are leak welding and cold welding. Thousands of dykes are destroyed by ant nests. Storage cages often collapse due to a few leaks or weak welds during heavy load stocks, resulting in serious property damage and casualties. To solve the problem of leakage welding and virtual welding, only the programmatic, controllable, standard production standardization operation is established, from raw material testing to control, inspection, spot check and strict execution in the production process, and advanced production equipment is adopted. In order to produce a constant quality, high quality storage cage, to prevent any collapse accidents during the use of the wire container, even if it is mishandled or overloaded.