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How to rightly use the wire containers?

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How to use the storage cages?

Storage wire mesh cages are a kind of logistics containers that are more important in storage and transportation and are used more frequently. They are also known as warehouse cages, butterfly cages, folding storage cages and iron cages. The storage cage has the advantages of fixed capacity, easy to store goods, easy to inventory, and also improve the effective utilization of storage space.

 With the rapid development of modern industry, the function of storage cages has become more and more extensive. This product can be used in the factory production workshop. The improved wire mesh cage can be placed in the warehouse, assembly line or stacking. The storage cage with wheels can be easily and quickly turned in the workshop, and the traction can be installed on the cage. The cages can be connected freely between the warehouse buildings; the metal storage baskets with hollow plates can prevent small pieces from falling out; the storage cages with increased mesh distance can be used for carton boxes or light goods, avoiding the use of tray to damage the cartons,to increase the stability and integrity of the product during transportation and storage. Let's take a look at how to better use the folding metal mesh cage.


1. the empty cage is folded stored, which greatly reduces the space occupation and facilitates the recycling of empty cages between enterprises.

2. the storage cage can be stacked to achieve four layers of height, to achieve three-dimensional storage of the warehouse, saving space.

3. the storage cage can be used together with hydraulic vehicles, forklifts and tractors, which effectively improves the working efficiency, realizes the mechanization and semi-mechanization of the internal logistics of the factory, and greatly reduces the labor cost.

4. The mesh container can be used together with each machine. The semi-finished products can be directly putted into the cage and enter the next process to avoid the next transportation, which effectively saves labor costs, improves production efficiency, and also regulates the production workshop. The production workshop is more tidy and sanitary, and it also ensures the safety of employees.

5. it can be used with the shelf to make it easier to manage the product.