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Factors affecting the price of wire containers

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Factors affecting the price of storage cages

Today let’s to briefly analyze the factors affecting the price of storage cages?


The primary factor in determining the price of a storage cage is the cost of raw materials. Because the metal storage cage manufacturing technology is not complicated, there is no particularly high value added when the product is produced.The cost of raw materials occupies the most important part. When the manufacturers of  storage cages produce them in large quantities, the price fluctuation of the raw materials will obviously affect the finished product price of the storage cages. However,  for some small storage cage processing plants,the price fluctuation of raw materials has little effect.


Second is the labor cost.


Another is the logistics cost.


There are many factors affecting the price of warehouse storage cages, such as the management cost of the enterprise, the production efficiency of the factory floor, the fine workmanship of the storage cage products, and the treatment of the surface of the storage cage. These factors are not the main factors affecting the price movement of the storage cage, but It is the embodiment of product competitivenes