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Strengthen the development of warehouse cage export business

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Qingdao Oline Storage equipment co.,ltd is a professional manufacturer of storage cages.

With the gradual stabilization of the domestic market, Qingdao Oline Storage Equipment Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of industrial wire mesh containers, is actively exploring and developing the export business of storage cages. In 2019, while strengthening the markets of Europe, America, and Japan and korea, we will actively explore emerging markets, such as the “Belt and Road” and the national markets along the route. The development of emerging markets, demand is strong, the market environment is not mature, and it is necessary to strengthen the information and promotion of storage cages.

At the same time, we will step up the construction of export projects for storage cages, strengthen communication with mature markets and emerging markets, carry out multi-faceted cooperation, and strive to carry out the smooth development of foreign trade work this year. At the same time, increase the support of foreign distributors and domestic import and export companies, and actively cooperate with the work of dealers and import and export companies to prepare for the smooth development of the market.