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Can storage cages be used on storage shelves?

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storage cages are used to the storage shelves.

Some customers have already purchased storage shelves before purchasing storage cages. Can they use storage cages for the shelves they buy?

There is no problem with the use of storage cages on the shelves. Of course, in the face of such a storage rack with a storage cage, as a storage cage manufacturer, we need to consider how the storage cage can be used with the shelf. In general, the storage cage can be adjusted in two ways:

1. Change the foot cup of the storage cage to a square tube.

2. Add angle iron or flat iron to the original storage cage cup.

In addition, after knowing that the customer's storage cage needs to be on the shelf, the salesman needs to know whether the customer is in the horizontal or vertical shelf, and at the same time know the precise position of the storage cage on the shelf.

The shelf storage cages produced by our factory can stack up to four layers when storing goods, which can realize the three-dimensional storage. The main raw material of the storage cage is the strong steel wire drawn by the high wire. The general wire diameter is 5mm, 6mm, 6.4mm. The mesh spacing of the mesh welding is generally 50×100, 100×100, 50×50.

The bottom of the shelf storage cage is made of U-shaped steel welded. The U-shaped steel is rolled by a cold-rolled strip rolling mill, and the bottom four corners are punched out by stamping parts. The size of the storage cage can be made according to the actual requirements of the customer's products. You should consider the external dimensions of your product when purchasing the storage cage. The maximum load requirements of your design, is your shelf storage cage used for storage or for turnover? Do you need to stack things and so on? These are all things you must consider when purchasing a storage cage.