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Partition Fence
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Partition Fence

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In the plant, warehouse and workshop venues isolated boundaries, plot booth planning, supermarket management and warehouse classification of goods.
This product is divided into galvanized steel pipe, peach column, dovetail column and C-shaped steel, mesh is divided into plastic coated steel wire mesh, PVC plastic bag welded wire mesh, chain link fence and steel plate and punching network. The general structure of the column and the border through the connector link, you can also use the mesh directly with the column card access, bolt connection and riveting joints, the angle can be adjusted; all the standard assembly of the production structure, the product mesh mesh card , The door of the frame design, the surface anti-rust dip treatment all completed in the factory, just on-site assembly can be. You only need to provide the floor plan and the required size, our professional designers will help you develop a complete solution. This product is excellent mesh formation tension, impact resistance, collision, not prone to deformation, light, beautiful, practical and net connection is very compact, the overall sense of good.
1. With a net light, sleek, beautiful and durable features.
2. Adopting efficient dip.
3. Can also be suitable for the highway bridge as anti-throwing net use.
4. Its own disassembly convenient, good reusability, according to the need to re-layout the fence.
5 belong to environmentally friendly products, and ultimately recyclable.
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