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Beam shelves

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Is to access the tray of goods for the purpose of the professional warehouse shelves (each tray for a cargo space, so it is also known as the cargo shelves); beam shelves from the column (column), the beam composition, beam shelf simple structure ,Safe and reliable. According to the actual use of the user: pallet load requirements, pallet size, the actual warehouse space, lifting the actual height of the forklift to provide different specifications of the beam shelves to choose from.
1, beam shelf structure is simple, safe and reliable, can be adjusted combination, out of the storage of goods from the order of restrictions. Widely used in pallet storage, forklift access to storage mode.
2, beam shelf column by the column, cross struts, diagonal brace bolts connected. Column and C-shaped welding beam inserted into the shelf frame, the use of safety pin fixed, the structure is simple and reliable. Each layer can be 75mm or 50mm step up and down freely adjustable.
3, beam shelf With the column, the size of the beam size requirements determine the layer load, with large moment of inertia, layer load capacity, impact resistance and strong features, the maximum layer of each layer contained in the relative design of up to 5000kg / Floor.
4, beam shelf Single column height of up to 12 meters, pallet racks plasticity is very large, pallet shelves on the basis of building mold shelves, attic shelves, three-dimensional warehouse shelves, etc. can also be made into special drum shelves.
5, beam shelves can effectively improve the warehouse storage height, improve warehouse space utilization. Suitable for all types of goods storage.
6, beam shelf shape safer to prevent forklift collision can also increase the column foot care, bumper. In order to load more secure beam can also be placed on the beam shelves, laminates, mesh spanning and other ancillary facilities.
7, beam rack low cost, installation and operation are very convenient, easy to find the cargo for any handling tools, which is the most widely used a shelf.
8, beam shelves can also be laminated, can be steel, dense plate or grid mesh. In order to use different sizes of trays
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