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Drive-in Racking
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Drive-in Racking

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Also known as corridors shelves or drive-in shelves. Through-shelf using pallet access mode, suitable for small species, large quantities of bulk storage of goods. In addition to the through-type shelves close to the channel of the goods, because forklifts need to access the goods within the shelves, usually single-sided pick up is recommended not more than seven cargo depth. To improve the operating speed of forklift, the guide rail can be configured according to actual needs. Compared with the cargo shelves, the space utilization of through shelves (drive-in shelves) can be increased by more than 30%. Through-type shelves Shelf) is widely used in cold storage and food, tobacco industry.
1. On the support rails, the trays are stored in the depth direction, one after the other, which makes
High density storage is possible.
2. Cargo access from the same side of the shelves into and out, after the first deposit, after the first deposit, balance weight and forward truck can easily enter the middle of the shelf to access the goods, without taking up multiple channels.
3. This shelf for storage of large quantities, less variety of items, through shelves (drive-in shelves) of the corbels and cow legs shelves are used overall stamping / rolling technology, with a carrying capacity, aesthetic appearance of goods .
4 through-type rack full plug-in assembly structure, columnar assembly structure, the total depth of the shelves in the wall area is generally best controlled within 5 tray depth, the middle of the total access to the shelves on both sides of the total depth of the best control in general Within 10 pallets, to increase the efficiency and reliability of truck access
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