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Mezzanine Floor
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Mezzanine Floor

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The use of shelf columns to do the floor support, steel floor, flat floor, strong overall and strong carrying capacity and uniform, low cost, fast construction, suitable for higher warehouse, small cargo, manual access, access to large Under, can make full use of saving the warehouse area. According to the actual site and specific requirements, can be designed into multi-storey floors, usually 2 to 3 layers, the bottom shelf can be medium-sized shelves, heavy shelves and other shelves, it is not only the storage of goods system, but also the upper weight of the support point, Equipped with stairs, guardrail and electric lifting platform and other auxiliary facilities. All-in-one structure, strong sense of three-dimensional, high-quality carbon structural steel, quality, bearing, the appearance is very superior, according to the actual site needs, flexible design into a two-story or multi-storey attic for storing small variety of goods, C-shaped steel floor, snap-type structure, shop locked with a dedicated locking device, so that the loft together as a whole, the formation of flat, dust, debris, small pieces will not fall into the downstairs, lighting downstairs can also be done Hidden beauty, widely used in automotive, electronics, machinery and other industries.
1, Attic shelves can enhance shelf height, make full use of storage height, make better use of storage space.
2, Attic floor shelf laying floor dedicated floor, compared with the pattern plate or just grille layered ability, integrity, layer load uniform, smooth surface, easy to lock and so on.
3, attic shelves full consideration of humane logistics, beautiful design, generous structure. Easy installation, disassembly, flexible design according to the field.
4, attic shelf suitable for storing many types of items
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