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Metal material box
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Metal material box

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It has been widely applied to the temporary storage, transportation, sorting and storage of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Its functions have been deeply penetrated into the fields of production, distribution and consumption. It has undergone temporary storage, packing, handling, storage, transportation and other links. The whole process of logistics. Particularly suitable for supermarkets, automobiles, home appliances, machinery and hardware industries, in Europe and the United States, Japan, Hongkong and other regions have been widely used.
1. High-quality steel by cold-rolled hardened welded together, high strength, loading capacity.
2. Unified specifications, fixed capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy to inventory inventory.
3. Galvanized surface, beautiful anti-oxidation, long service life.
4. Supporting the use of containers, effectively improve space utilization.
5. Can be stacked on top of each other to achieve three-dimensional storage.
6. Surface environmental protection, health and immunization, working capital, storage and recycling are not polluting the environment.
7. With forklifts, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.
8. Among them, the folding structure, low recycling costs, is a substitute for wooden crates.
9. The bottom of the wheel can be installed, the factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.
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