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pallet racking
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pallet racking

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Pallet racking are usually manual access, assembled structure, and layer spacing is evenly adjustable, goods are often loose parts or not very heavy packaged items (for manual access), racking height is usually below 2.5m( Otherwise it is difficult to reach by humans). The unit shelf span (ie length) should not be too long, and the unit shelf depth (ie width) should not be too deep. According to the load capacity of each layer of the unit shelf, it can be divided into light, medium and heavy duty racking,The pallet are mainly steel pallet and wood pallet.


1. The Duty racking adopts chrome steel wire mesh and pillar structure;

2. The duty racking can be arbitrarily combined, and the layer pitch can also be adjusted arbitrarily;

3. The duty racking have a solid carbon steel chrome-plated grid, which can promote the free circulation of air and ensure the dry and ventilated environment of the goods;


4.The duty racking have a unique structure, versatility, easy to load and unload.

The duty racking are mainly made of stainless steel mesh and tin-plated pipes, also known as stainless steel shelves.



Stainless steel shelves are suitable for manual access to lighter goods, small items are stored in a variety of plastic containers widely used in the electronics industry, small parts warehouses, warehouses, archives, offices, stores, etc.; Shelf-type shelves are low-cost, light-weight, freely combinable, safe, reliable, simple assembly, disassembly, and shelf-type shelves can be used alone, or can be freely combined into a variety of shelves, and the single-layer load is relatively large. Therefore, it is favored by many warehousing and logistics industries.

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